Brian offers Liberty Village customers more than 20 years of experience in the wine, beer and liquor industry. He is passionate about wine. Brian has been to countless wineries and has been fortunate to spend time with a number of top winemakers. In addition to his wine expertise, he has an acute knowledge of beer. Over the years, Brian has worked with many brew masters, visited their breweries and learned the fine art of brewing beer. And, he has shared dinner with acclaimed author, the late Michael Jackson, also known as “the beer hunter.” Some of Brian’s favorite beers include Belgian beer, English beer and beer made in your garage. If you have any questions regarding wine, beer and/or spirits, Brian is always here to help. Brian’s motto: You won’t know unless you try it.

Traci brings fresh enthusiasm and a unique approach to her role as wine club director. She was a speech-language pathologist in her past life, but has a new found love of wine since meeting her husband Brian.  Whether you need a simple wine for dinner, or need the perfect selection for that special occasion, let Traci help you find the ideal match.

Ray hides out in the back room, doing what CPA's do.  He has had 3 successful part-ownership businesses inside 40 plus years of experience.

Corinne is passionate about keeping the store clean and looking beautiful.  Also, when you want to sample wine on Fridays and Saturdays, Corinne is there to assist you.

provides the best customer service and to establish a relationship with our customers.  She is dedicated to make our online store a great experience for everyone.  If we don't have it she will make every effort to find what you are looking for.

Alex is really knowledgeable on everything going on in the world and in our family owned store.  If you need a craft beer or wine recommendation she is the person for you.